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Drive-Thru Feed & Supplies

Our convenient drive-thru offers quality, brand-name pet and farm animal feed and supplies, such as dog, cat, chicken, hamster, and rabbit!

You an also find an array of lawn and landscape tools and supplies, as well as PVC and Corrugated Pipe and Fittings.

If we don't currently carry what you need we would be more than happy to see if we can get it in for you!

Dog/Cat Food

Dog Food/Treat Brands

  • Diamond Naturals

  • Taste of the Wild

  • Taste of the Wild Prey

  • Victor

  • Pride

  • Bil-Jac

  • Canidae

  • Nature's Own


Cat Food/Treat and Litter Brands

  • Diamond

  • Country Value

  • Taste of the Wild

  • Frank's No Name

  • 9 Lives

  • Caru

  • Purina

  • Premium Choice

  • Easy Clean

  • Naturally Fresh

  • Cat Tails


Farm Feed and Supplies

  • Buckeye 

  • Nutrena

  • Hanby Farms

  • Performance Feeds

  • Manna Pro


Small Animal Feed,

Treats and Supplies

  • Guinea Pig Food and Treats

  • Chinchilla Food and Treats

  • Hamster Food and Treats

  • Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass

  • Cedar Bedding

  • Pine Bedding

  • Paper Bedding

  • Bedding Pellets & Eco-Straw

  • 80# Bales of Pine Shavings also available

Farm and Small Animal
Bird & Deer

Wild Bird & Critter Feed and Feeders

Offering a variety of wild bird seed including our own branded mixes:

  • Rittman Landscape Premium Bird Seed

  • Rittman Landscape Supreme Bird Seed

  • Patio & Deck Shell Free

  • Cherry Treat

  • Jolly Wild Bird Feed

  • Safflower

  • Black Oil Sunflower

  • Nyjer (Thistle) Seed

  • No Waste

  • Ear Corn, Cracked Corn, & Shelled Corn

  • Peanuts and Peanut Splits

  • Large Variety of Suet

  • Liquid Hummingbird Nectar, Red and Clear


Deer Feed & Attractants

  • Stump Likker

  • Deer CoCain

  • Deer Cane Black Magic

  • Buck Jam - Apple and Sweet Corn

  • Salt Blocks

  • Mineral Blocks

  • Lucky Buck

  • Shelled Corn

  • Cracked Corn

  • Apple Flavored Salt Licks

Contact for Current Selection and Pricing

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